The research in our group is focused in to two areas:


The first one corresponds to the thermodynamic, structural and dynamics characterization of orientationally (Orientationally Disordered Crystals), positionally (Liquid Crystals), or both (Liquid Phase) disordered phases, in pure compounds as well as in their mixtures. This characterization allows us to unravel the factors, related to disorder, determining the relative stability in the different phases of the pure compounds and their mixtures.

Coordinator: Josep Lluis Tamarit (

The second one is focused on meta-stable and nanocrystalline materials, including the study of ancient materials. Specifically, we study the production process and the micro-structural development leading to their final properties. These materials are obtained in conditions out of the thermodynamic equilibrium, so their micro-structures are determined by the kinetics of the process of production. Our research includes nanoparticles, metallic glasses, oxide glasses on ceramic substrates, multi-component materials and micro or nano-structured materials.

Coordinator: Daniel Crespo (

The group collaborates in the degree in Engineering Physics:


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