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Publications in 2022

S. Valenti, L. J.del Valle, M. Romanini, R. Bahí., M. Mitjana, J. Puiggali, J.-Ll. Tamarit, R. Macovez
International Journal of Molecular Science, 23, 2456 (2022)


A.I. Krivchikov, A. Jeżowski, D. Szewczyk, O.A. Korolyuk, О.О. Romantsova, and L.M. Buravtseva, C. Cazorla and J. Ll. Tamarit
The role of optical phonons and anharmonicity in the appearance of the heat capacity Boson peak-like anomaly in fully ordered molecular crystals
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, in press (2022)


K. Li, G. Gbabode, M. Vergé-Depré, B.Robert, M. Barrio, J.-P.Itié, J. Ll. Tamarit, I. B. Rietveld
The pressure-temperature phase diagram of tetramorphic pyrazinamide
Submitted (2022)


A. Salvatori, Ph. Negrier, S. Massip, A. Muñoz-Duque, P. Lloveras, M. Barrio and Josep-Lluís Tamarit
CrystEngComm, in press (2022)