MANTID quick tutorial


Mantid is a nice data treatment software to deal with neutrons data mainly, and this page is about how to work with it, hands to dough.

Here I show some typicall actions that are done with MANTID...

Producing S(q,w) data from raw data

  • From the main menu: interfaces>convert to energy.
  • In calibration: Browse and search the vanadium numors separated by - to sum them up, or from the Browse and clicking multiple files.
    • Switch on the "create RES file" to create a ressolution file to convolve
    • To remove background of the resolution choose in background a place where there is no peak (for example from-0.3 to -0.2, of course this depends on your resolution!!!)
    • Be carefull to choose a reasonable rebinning option
    • click run calibration, and it goes

So now you have some files at the right part where the files are shown: the "calib" file and the resoltuion "res" file. Now,

  • In energy transfer (the main menu)
    • run files: your run files (with a "-" to add and a comma "," to work with non consecutive files)
    • calibration file: the one that you just created, and the use calib file must be on!
    • just run the energy transfer