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Publications in 2009


M. Romanini, J. C. Martinez-Garcia, J. Ll. Tamarit, S. J. Rzoska, M. Barrio, L. C. Pardo, A. Drozd-Rzoska
Scaling the dynamics of orientationally disordered mixed crystals
Journal of Chemical Physics, 131, 184504 (2009)

M. Zuriaga, L.C. Pardo, P. Lunkenheimer, J. Ll. Tamarit, N. Veglio, M. Barrio, F. J. Bermejo and A. Loidl
A new microscopic mechanism for secondary relaxation in glasses
Physical Review Letters, 103, 075701 (2009)

M. Barrio, J. Ll. Tamarit, R. Céolin, L. C. Pardo, Ph. Negrier and D. Mondieig
Connecting the normal pressure equilibria of the two-component system CCl(CH_3 )_3 +CBrCl_3 to the pressure-temperature phase diagrams of pure components
Chemical Physics, 358, 156-160 (2009)

M. Barrio, P. Espeau, J. Ll. Tamarit, N. Veglio, R. Céolin
Polymorphism of Progesterone: Relative Stabilities of the Orthorhombic Phases I and II Inferred from Topological and Experimental Pressure-Temperature Phase Diagrams.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Science, 98, 1657-1670 (2009)

H. N. Bordallo, L. P. Aldridge, P. Fouquet, L.C. Pardo et al.
Hindered Water Motions in Hardened Cement Pastes Investigated over Broad Time and Length Scales