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Publications in 2010

J. C. Martinez-Garcia, S. Capaccioli, S. Diez, J. Ll. Tamarit, M. Barrio, N. Veglio, L. C. Pardo

Dynamic of orientanionally disordered mixed crystal sharing Cl-Adamantane and CN-Adamantane
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 356 ,621-624 (2010)

S Busch, C Smuda, L C Pardo, et al.
Molecular Mechanism of Long-Range Diffusion in Phospholipid Membranes Studied by Quasielastic Neutron Scattering
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132, 3232-3233 (2010)

M. Rovira-Esteva, A. Murugan, L.C. Pardo, S. Busch, M.D. Ruiz-Martin, M. Sousai-Appavou, J. Ll. Tamarit, C. Smuda, T. Unruh, F. J. Bermejo, G. J. Cuello, S. J. Rzoska
Microscopic structures and dynamics of high- and low-density liquid trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
Physical Review B, 81, 092202 (2010)

Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, J. Ll. Tamarit, N. Veglio, D. Mondieig
Structure of Phase III and Polymorphism of (CH_3 )_3 CBr
Crystal Growth and Design, 10, 2793-2800 (2010)

J. C. Martinez-Garcia, J. Ll. Tamarit, L. C. Pardo, M. Barrio, S. J. Rzoska, A. Drozd-Rzoska
Disentangling the Secondary Relaxations in the Orientationally Disordered Mixed Crystals: Cycloheptanol + Cyclooctanol Two-component System
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114, 6099-6106, (2010)

Ll. Manosa, D. Gonzalez-Alonso, A. Planes, E. Bonnot, M. Barrio, J.Ll. Tamarit, S. Aksoy, M. Acet
Giant solid-state barocaloric effect in the Ni-Mn-In magnetic shape-memory alloy.
Nature Materials Letters, vol 9, 478-481 (2010)

I.V. Sharapova, A.I. Krivchikov, O.A. Korolyuk, A. Jezowski, M. Rovira-Esteva, J.Ll.
Tamarit, L.C. Pardo, M.D. Ruiz-Martin, F.J. Bermejo
Disorder effects on heat transport properties of orientationally disordered Crystals
Physical Review B, 81, 094205 (2010)

R Céolin, M. Barrio, J.Ll. Tamarit, N. Veglio, M.A. Perrin, P. Espeau
Liquid-Liquid Miscibility Gaps and Hydrate Formation in Drug-Water Binary Systems: Pressure-Temperature phase diagram of lidocaine and pressure-temperature-composition phase diagram of the lidocaine –water system.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Science, 99, 2756-2765 (2010).

J. C. Martinez-Garcia, J. Ll. Tamarit, S. Capaccioli, M. Barrio, N. Veglio, L. C. Pardo
alpha- relaxation dynamics of orientanionally disordered mixed crystals composed of Cl-adamantane and CN-adamantane
Journal of Chemical Physics, 132, 164516/1-164516/10, (2010)

I. B. Rietveld, M. Barrio, N. Veglio, P. Espeau, J. Ll. Tamarit, R. Céolin

Temperature and composition-dependent properties of the two-component system d- + l-camphor at “ordinary” pressure.

ThermochimicaActa, 511, 43–50 (2010)


A. Drozd-Rzoska, S.J.Rzoska, S. Pawlus, J.C. Martínez-García, J.Ll. Tamarit

Evidence for critical-like behaviour of ultraslowing glass forming systems

Physical Review E, 82, 031501 (2010)