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Publications in 1992

Publications in 1992

M.Barrio, J.Font, D.O.López, J.Muntasell, J.Ll.Tamarit, N.B.Chanh, Y.Haget, M.Teisseire, J.Guion and X.Alcobé
Binary system Pentaerythritol/Neopentylglycol
Journal de Chimie Physique, 89, 695-705 (1992)

M.Barrio, J.Font, D.O.López, J.Muntasell and J.Ll.Tamarit
Floor radiant system with heat storage by a solid-solid transition
Solar Energy Materials, 27, 127-133 (1992)

J.Font, J.Muntasell, J.Ll.Tamarit and E.Cesari
AC technique applied to Cp measurements in the martensitic transformation of Cu-Zn-Al alloys
Materials Letters, 14, 7-10 (1992)