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Publications in 2000


L.C.Pardo, M.Barrio, J.Ll.Tamarit,  D.O.López, J.Salud, P.Negrier and D.Mondieig
Stable and metastable orientationally disordered mixed crystals of the two-component system (CH3)2CCl2+CCl4
Chemical Physics Letters, 321, 438-444 (2000)

J.Ll.Tamarit, D.O.López, X.Alcobé, M.Barrio, J.Salud and L.C.Pardo
Thermal and structural characterization of (CH3)3CCl
Chemistry of Materials, 12, 555-563 (2000)

H.Alluchi, D.O.López, M.F.Gardette, J.Ll.Tamarit, V.Agafonov, H.Szwarc and R.Céolin
Thermal and mechanical behaviour of the C60-2S8 monoclinic compound.
Chemical Physics Letters, 317 , 40-44 (2000)

R.Rey, L.C.Pardo, E.Llanta, K.Ando, D.O.López, J.Ll.Tamarit and M.Barrio
X-ray diffraction by molecular liquids vs molecular dynamics calculations on methylchloromethane compounds: (CH3)4-nCCln
Journal of Chemical Physics, 112 (17), 7505-7517 (2000)

D.O.López, J.Salud , M.Barrio, J.Ll.Tamarit and H.A.J.Oonk
Uniform thermodynamic description of the orientationally disordered mixed crystals of some neopentane derivatives
Chemistry of Materials, 12, 1108-1114 (2000)

D.O.López, J.Ll.Tamarit, la Fuente, M.A.Pérez-Jubindo, J.Salud and M.Barrio
Dielectric Spectroscopy on two orientationally disordered crystals: NPA ((CH3)3CCH2OH) and TCE (Cl3CCH2OH)
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 12, 3871-3882 (2000)

J.Salud, D.O.López, M.H.G.Jacobs, M.Barrio, J.Ll.Tamarit and H.A.J.Oonk
Two-component system CCl4 - C(CH3)4: Thermodynamic Analysis
Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 154, 390-397 (2000)

J.Ll.Tamarit, D.O.López, la Fuente, M.A.Pérez-Jubindo, J.Salud and M.Barrio
Relaxation dynamics in orientationally disordered molecular mixed crystal [(CH3)3CCH2OH]0.7 [(CH3)2C(CH2OH)2]0.3
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 12, 8209-8220 (2000)

F.Michaud, M.Barrio, D.O.López, J.Ll.Tamarit, V.Agafonov, S.Toscani, H.Szwarc and R.Céolin
Solid-state studies on C60 solvate grown from 1,1,2-trichloroethane
Chemistry of Materials, 12 (12), 3595-3602 (2000)

S.Toscani, H.Allouchi, J.Ll.Tamarit, D.O.López, M.Barrio, V.Agafonov, A.Rassat, H.Szwarc and R.Céolin
Decagonal C60 crystals grown from n-hexane solutions: solid-state and aging studies
Chemical Physics Letters, 330 (5-6), 491-496 (2000)

T.Pradell, J.J.Suñol, N.Clavaguera, MT.Clavaguera-Mora
Crystallization behaviour of Fe40Ni40SixP20-x (x=6, 10, 14) amorphous alloys
Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, 276 (1-3), 113-121 (2000)

M.Popa, M.Zaharescu
Bi-based superconductors obtained by oxalate coprecipitation, containing Fe
Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 45 (10), 907-913 (2000)

M.Popa, J.M.Calderón-Moreno, M.Zaharescu
TEM and SEM studies on the formation of superconducting phases in the Bi-based system
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 20 (16), 2773-2778 (2000)

M.Popa, J.M.Calderón-Moreno, D.Crisan, M.Zaharescu
Study of Fe addition on the thermal decomposition of coprecipitated oxalates for the Bi-based superconductor synthesis
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 62 (3), 633-645 (2000)