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Publications in 2003


M.G.Lafouresse, M.B.Sied, H.Allouchi, D.O.López, J.Salud and J.Ll.Tamarit
On the nature of the smetic mesophase in 8CB + 10CB binary mixtures. Evidences for a smetic A tonematic tricritical point
Chemical Physics Letters, 376, 188-193 (2003)

M.A.Rute, J.Salud, D.O.López, J.Ll.Tamarit, Ph.Negrier, M.Barrio and D.Mondieig
Polymorphism of cyclopentanol: crystallographic characterization of the ordered and disordered phases
Chemistry of Materials, 15, 4725-4731 (2003)

M.B.Sied, J.Salud, D.O.López, H.Allouchi, S.Diez, J.Ll.Tamarit
Reentrant behaviour in binary mixtures of octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB) and the shorter-chain homolog heptyloxycyanobiphenil (7OCB)
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 107 (24), 7820-7829 (2003)

M.A.Rute, J.Salud, P.Negrier, D.O.López, J.Ll.Tamarit, R.Puertas, M.Barrio and D.Mondieig
The two-component system cycloheptanol (C7) + cyclooctanol (C8): An extraordinary system
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 107 (24), 5914-5921 (2003)

M.Barrio, D.O.López, J.Ll.Tamarit, P.Espeau and R.Céolin
Solid-State Studies of C60 Solvates Formed in the C60 - BrCCl3 System
Chemistry of Materials, 15 (1), 288-291 (2003)

J.J.Suñol, T.Pradell, N.Clavaguera, MT.Clavaguera-Mora
Ball milling of Fe40Ni40P20-xSix (x=6, 10 and 14): production and characterization
Philosophical Magazine, 83 (20), 2323-2342 (2003)

J.J.Suñol, A.González, P.Bruna, T.Pradell, N.Clavaguera, MT.Mora
Mechanosynthesis of an Fe-Ni melt-spun amorphous alloy under different milling conditions
Materials Science Forum, 426-4, 1927-1932 (2003)

A.D.Smith, T.Pradell, J.Molera, M.Vendrell, M.A.Marcus, E.Pantos
MicroEXAFS study into the oxidation states of copper Hispano-Moresque lustre decorations
Journal de Physique IV, 104, 519-522 (2003)

V.Garrido, E.Pineda, D.Crespo
Small-angle scattering curves of densely packed particulate solids obtained by nucleation and growth kinetics
Journal of Applied Crystallography, 36, 836-839 (2003)

E.Pineda, D.Crespo
Microstructural implications of non-random nucleation protocols in nanocrystallized metallic glasses
Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, 317 (1-2), 85-90 (2003)

MT.Clavaguera-Mora, N.Clavaguera, D.Crespo, T.Pradell
Crystallisation kinetics and microstructure development in metallic systems
Progress in Materials Science, 47 (6), 559-619 (2003)

M.Popa, L.V.Hong, M.Kakihana
Particle morphology characterization of LaMnO3+d perovskites
Physica B-Condensed Matter, 327 (2-4), 237-240 (2003)

V.G.Pol, A.Gedanken, J.Calderón-Moreno, V.Palchik, M.A.Slifkin, A.M.Weiss
Deposition of gold nanoparticles on silica spheres, A sonochemical approach
Chemistry of Materials, 15 (17), 3402-3402 (2003)

Q.L.Li, H.L.Li, V.G.Pol, I.Bruckental, Y.Koltypin, J.Calderón-Moreno, I.Nowik, A.Gedanken
Sonochemical synthesis, structural and magnetic properties of air-stable Fe/Co alloy nanoparticles
New Journal of Chemistry, 27 (8), 1194-1199 (2003)

M.Popa, M.Kakihana
Ultrafine niobate ceramic powders in the system RExLil-xNbO3 (RE, La, Pr, Sm, Er) synthesized by polymerizable complex method
Catalysis Today, 78 (1-4), 519-527 (2003)

J.M.Calderón-Moreno, Camargo, ER
Electron microscopy studies on the formation and evolution of sodium niobate nanoparticles from a polymeric precursor
Catalysis Today, 78 (1-4), 539-542 (2003)

V.G.Pol, M.Motiei, A.Gedanken, J.Calderón-Moreno, Mastai, Y
Sonochemical deposition of air-stable iron nanoparticles on monodispersed carbon spherules
Chemistry of Materials, 15 (6), 1348-1384 (2003)

M.Popa, Van L.Hong, M.Kakihana
Nanopowders of LaMeO3 perovskites obtained by a solution-based ceramic processing technique
Physica B-Condensed Matter, 327 (2-4), 233-236 APR (2003)

V.G.Pol, A.Gedanken, J.Calderón-Moreno
Deposition of gold nanoparticles on silica spheres, A sonochemical approach
Chemistry of Materials, 15 (5), 1111-1118 (2003)