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Publications in 2005


L.C.Pardo, M.Barrio, J.Ll.Tamarit, D.O.López, J.Salud and H.A.J.Oonk
Orientationally Disordered Mixed Crystals Sharing Methylchloromethanes ((CH3)4-nCCln, n=0,..,4)
Chemistry of Materials, 17, 6146-6153 (2005)

M.B.Sied, S.Diez, J.Salud, D.O.López, P.Cusmin, J.Ll.Tamarit, M.Barrio
Liquid Crystal Binary Mixtures of 8OCB + 10OCB. Evidence for a Smetic A-to-Nematic Tricritical Point
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109, 16284-16289 (2005)

B.Parat, L.C.Pardo, M.Barrio, J.Ll.Tamarit, Ph.Negrier, J.Salud, D.O.López and D.Mondieig
Polymorphism of CBrCl3
Chemistry of Materials, 17, 3359-3365 (2005)

P.Espeu, R.Céolin, J.Ll.Tamarit, M.A.Perrin, J.P.Gauchi, F.Leveiller
Polymorphism of Paracetamol: Relative stabilities of the monoclinic and orthorhombic phases inferred from topological pressure-temperature and temperature-volume phase diagrams
Journal of Pharmaceutical Science, 94, 524-539 (2005)

L.C.Pardo, B.Parat, M.Barrio, J.Ll.Tamarit, D.O.López, J.Salud, P.Negrier and D.Mondieig
Non-experimentally available thermodynamic properties: The two-component system (CH3)CCl3+CBrCl3
Chemical Physics Letters, 402, 408-413 (2005)

L.C.Pardo, N.Veglio, F.J.Bermejo, J.Ll.Tamarit, G.J.Cuello
Orientational short-range-order in disordered phases of methylhalogenomethanes
Physical Review B, 72, 014206 (2005)

N.Veglio, F.J.Bermejo, L.C.Pardo, J.Ll.Tamarit, G.J.Cuello
Direct experimental assesment of the orientational correlations in polar liquids
Physical Review E, 72, 031502 (2005)

R.Puertas, J.Salud, D.O.López, M.A.Rute, S.Diez, J.Ll.Tamarit, M.Barrio, M.A.Pérez-Jubindo, la Fuente, L.C.Pardo
Static and dynamic studies on cycloheptanol as two-orientational glass-former
Chemical Physics Letters, 401, 368-373 (2005)

R.Céolin, J.Ll.Tamarit, M.Barrio, D.O.L&ocute;pez, P.Espeau, H.Allouchi, R.J.Papoular
Solid state studies of the C602(CH3)CCl3 solvate
Carbon, 43(2), 417-424 (2005)

E.Pantos, W.Kockelmann, L.C.Chapon, L.Lutterotti, S.L.Bennet, M.J.Tobin, J.F.W.Mosselmans, T.Pradell, N.Salvado, S.Buti, R.Garner, A.J.N.W.Prag
Neutron and X-ray characterisation of the metallurgical properties of a 7th century BC Corinthian-type bronze helmet
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research B, 239(1-2), 16-26 (2005)

J.Roque, T.Pradell, J.Molera, M.Vendrell-Saz
Evidence of nucleation and growth of metal Cu and Ag nanoparticles in lustre: AFM surface characterization
Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, 351(6-7), 568-575 (2005)

N.Salvado, S.Buti, M.J.Tobin, E.Pantos, A.J.N.W.Prag, T.Pradell
Advantages of the use of SR-FT-IR microspectroscopy: Applications to cultural heritage
Analytical Chemistry, 77(11), 3444-3451 (2005)

T.Pradell, J.Molera, J.Roque, M.Vendrell-Saz, A.D.Smith, E.Pantos, D.Crespo
Ionic-exchange mechanism in the formation of medieval luster decorations
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 88(5), 1281-1289 (2005)

D.S.Jacob, A.Joseph, S.P.Mallenahalli, S.Shanmugam, S.Makhluf, J.Calderón-Moreno, Y.Koltypin, A.Gedanken
Rapid synthesis in ionic liquids of room-temperature-conducting solid microsilica spheres
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 44 (40), 6560-6563 (2005)

V.Fruth, D.Berger, C.Matei, A.Ianculescu, M.Popa, E.Tenea, M.Zaharescu
Preparation and characterization of BiFeO3 nanopowders
Journal de Physique IV, 128, 7-11 (2005)

M.Popa, J.M.C.Moreno, P.Hvizdos, R.Bermejo, G.Anne
Residual stress profile determined by piezo-spectroscopy in alumina/alumina-zirconia layers separated by a compositionally graded intermediate layer
Key Engineering Materials, 290, 328-331 (2005)

P.Hvizdos, J.M.C.Moreno, J.Ocenasek, L.Ceseracciu, G.Anne
Mechanical properties of alumina/zirconia functionally graded material prepared by electrophoretic deposition
Key Engineering Materials, 290, 332-335 (2005)

V.Fruth, M.Popa, D.Berger, R.Ramer, A.Gartner, A.Ciulei, A.Zaharescu
Deposition and characterisation of bismuth oxide thin films
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 25 (12), 2171-2174 (2005)

V.G.Pol, G.Wildermuth, J.Felsche, A.Gedanken, J.Calderón-Moreno
Sonochemical deposition of Au nanoparticles on titania and the significant decrease in the melting point of gold
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 5 (6), 975-979 (2005)

J.Calderón-Moreno, M.Yoshimura
Al2O3-Y3Al5O12(YAG)-ZrO2 ternary composite rapidly solified from the eutectic melt
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 25 (8), 1365-1368 (2005)

J.Calderón-Moreno, M.Yoshimura
Stabilization of zirconia lamellae in rapidly solidified alumina-zirconia eutectic composites
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 25 (8), 1369-1372 (2005)

L.H.Qiu, V.G.Pol, J.Calderón-Moreno, A.Gedanken
Synthesis of tin nanorods via a sonochemical method combined with a polyol process
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 12 (4), 243-247 (2005)

Yana, J.M.Calderón-Moreno, A.Gedanken
The Sonochemical and Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Nanosized YAG Particles
New Journal of Chemistry, 11, 1445-1449 (2005)