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Seminari Joachim Wuttke

Jun 29, 2009 09:00 PM to Jul 08, 2009 03:20 PM
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Contenido del seminario:

A. Relaxation in glass-forming liquids.
     introduction: glass formation as a dynamic phase transition,
       conventional glass transition, motivation for mode-coupling theory
       and neutron scattering
     diffusion and relaxation of density fluctuations
     dielectric relaxation
     linear response theory, fluctuation-dissipation theorem

B. Basics of neutron scattering.
     why neutrons ?
     interaction neutrons-matter
     elastic scattering
     inelastic scattering
     coherent and incoherent scattering

C. Interpretation of the scattering law S(q,w)
     special values, sum rules, normalization of experimental data
     scattering by an ideal gas, ballistic limit
     scattering by a harmonic solid: phonons, density of vibrational states,
       Debye-Waller factor
     detailed balance

D. Practical neutron scattering.
     spectrometers (time of flight, backscattering, spin echo)
     data reduction
     fitting: convolute sample model with spectrometer model
     multiple scattering
     how to write a good proposal ?

E. Simple liquids.
     hydrodynamic limit
     relaxation, memory function
     traditional mode-coupling approximation

F. Mode coupling theory for glass-forming liquids.
     schematic models
     analytic solutions: scaling laws
     numeric solutions, preasymptotic corrections
     extensions of the theory